Established in 1972, the “Shilmel Zagvar” is the first fashion center in Mongolia. It aims to bring the tendency of Mongolian fashion equivalent to the world fashion standard, while preserving specific traditional heritage, combining and creating modern fashion designs and styles. Using all various designs and styles the Center offers and makes a range of designs for its customers.

A team of skillful designers that majored in fashion designs in home and European countries work at the promote their works and products at domestic and foreign markets. The center organized and took place in various types of fashion shows, exhibitions in different countries e.g. England, Italia, Austria, German, Lebanon, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Russia and China. Additionally, the center invited Pier Garden, famous designer, to Mongolia and organized a fashion show.

The center makes clothes of new design and style in limited numbers and sells them its shop at the center and other fashion shops e.g.

The center has a tailoring salon, where its customers order clothes and garments of “unique” designs and styles at their choices. The center including its tailoring salon and boutique is frequently visited by famous people e.g. politicians, movie stars, national singers (e.g. Ms. Sarantuya,Ms. Nasantogtokh, and Ms. Munkh-shur), the President of Mongolia, Members of Parliament, and outside/foreign visitors e.g. King of Tunga, American judges, UN representatives, film makers and artists of “Chinggis” (Austria), business people from Italia, Korea, and Germany, visiting our coutry.

The fashion center designs and makes uniforms from differend sectors at their requests. In last three years the center made uniforms of Railway, MIAT (Airline), Tax, Social Insurance, Customs office, Bank, and Hotel officials and workers in the country.

Since 1980 the center has been running “Best Model” agency that organizes professional training for youths in order to build ethics among them and prepare professional models. We are proud of our professional top models of Mongolian fashion world e.g. Odgerel, Bolormaa, Tsolmon, Tuyatsetseg, Bayarzul, Undraa, Tumee, Uyanga and Selenge that were trained in the agency.

Demands of our products and services are expanded from year to year and the number of customers is increased. The center was awarded by honors e.g. “Trustworthy Partner of Customers”, “Accredited Organization of Customers” and international prize “Best Product and Service” that is awarded in Madrid in 2006.