Goyol 2011 Fashion Festival of Mongolia

          The 23rd annual Goyol-2011 Fashion Festival of Mongolia took place by the Shilmel Zagvar Agency and the Mongolian Designers’ Association on December 16- 17, 2010 at the Central Cultural Palace.

The show began by collection called “Cashmere & Silk” by designer G.Soninjargal, who is a designer of the Altai Cashmere Company.

After that, models walked on the stage with collection by designer B.Tuya. A designer came from Japan Ayumi Supu showed his designs called “Collection of spring and summer”.  Fashion designers of the “Bess Tailor” LLC B.Binderya and Kh.Tserenlkhagva displayed their collection, which mostly grey and green.

Another special show was from the collection themed “Tsaskhan” of Shiilegmaa, a designer of the Mongol-Korean Technique’s College.
At the end, Citi Institute, Mongoljingoo Institute, Darkhan Nekhii and Shilmel Zagvar fashion center’s designers showed their talents in national, daily and avant-garde styles in cashmere, wool and fabric.

Then, the festival ended and bests of the festival were named. More than 70 models and 20 fashion designers from Japan and Mongolia competed with each other in the festival.  A model of the Shilmel Zagvar Agency E.Selenge received “Top Model” title, the Grand Prize of the festival. A winner Selenge has also received previously the Miss Talent award from “Miss World 2006” beauty contest.

Of 70 models, B.Gerelchuluun became the best female model and N.Dalai won the best male model award. D.Uranzul and P.Bolortuya finished as runners-up. A fashion designer from the Altai Cashmere Company B.Tuya won the Grandprize of the best designer award. Best young designers became designers of the “Bess Tailor” LLC B.Binderya and Kh.Tserenlkhagva.

D.Ovdogmid won the award for free fashions and the best daily wear went to I.Urangoo from Shilmel Zagvar fashion center. Designer from Mongoljingoo Ch.Ganchimeg did with the best national clothes award. Shiilegmaa became the best fashionable dress award.

In addition, well-known Mongolian bands “Khar Sarnai”, “Camerton” and “Sweetymotion”, singer T.Bat-Orgil performed in the fashion festival.