Japan Mongolian Festival In Mongolia

Japanese art and culture great spree was organized at Mongolian ASA circus under the name of First Japan Festival during 22nd and 23rd of May.In 2009, Shilmel Zagvar fashion center co-worked with the Japanese beauty stylist and organized  Beauty Collection show.
Professionals , students and over 80models of “Shilmel Zagvar” fashion center came in this festival. On 22nd there was many surprising show such as drum ;karate; Japanese zither, their traditional instruments; ancient aikuchi display; Big company,s wiggery hair show that made by nano technology; Sefiny beauty salon show;  Shilmel Zagvar fashion center show; Mongolian, Japanese hair stylist association show and mega dance. There was also Japanese companies exhibiting their own products following: Heigo fake nail , Japanese tea, Lichiko(Japanese Seiko Brand), kyushi nanotech yatatsu, Cefine, TMI hair treatment product, Beauty culture Watanabe.Japanese ambassador agent, media journalsts, designers arrived to the festival.